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3PL Retail Logistics: Putting All the Pieces Together for Success

It is our privilege to have a long and productive working relationship with one of the largest apparel manufacturers in the world, with facilities in Central America, the Caribbean, India, the U.S.A., Europe and Canada. Lomas Logistics is their 3pl retail warehousing and fulfillment facility here in Canada, receiving a whopping 3000+ SKUs from around the world, every day. With our seamless WMS (Warehouse Management System) guiding our dedicated team, we accurately pick, pack and ship these items the same day, with most being delivered next day.

While this global leader has other 3pl providers around the world, we are proud to rank at the top of their scorecard based on the following criterial: on time performance, pick accuracy, operational excellence and customer relationship.

Lomas Logistics’ sophisticated EDI communications connected to our WMS ensures the accuracy of our picks, packs and shipments across Canada to this manufacturer’s many diverse customers, despite extreme deadlines. In fact, we treat these ‘secondary’ clients as our own, having established excellent relationships with each of them through ongoing communications, sharing knowledge/learning and even hosting them for tours of our facilities. That’s why we know all of them share some common, but critical challenges: very little room for inventory either inside or on the dock and almost impossibly short turnaround times. Our commitment to simplifying the process for them resulted in Lomas Logistics making a significant investment in everyone’s success by creating a detailed pick and pack model geared to the specific industry needs of retail apparel - different colours, sizes and SKUs all in one container. Our system, Perfect Sort, eliminates the need for the customer to sort on their dock - our pickers and packers accurately presort for them thanks to our specialized equipment, software and labour intelligence combined with our own customized warehouse configuration.

With such strong relationships with both our client and their client base, we are confident we can continue to find new ways to meet their challenges, and exceed their expectations, ensuring their ongoing success.

We are also very excited about this client’s impressive plans for the future. Moving into Phase II of their growth mode here in Canada, this amazing company will be creating their own retail storefronts across the country, starting in 2015. As their ‘bricks and mortar’ 3pl logistics partner, we are confident that we can support this complex undertaking by continuously providing them with the best in 3pl retail warehousing, picking and packing services, and shipping to their stores across Canada.

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